B. Immediately by one of the parties if the other party commits a substantial violation of a clause in this agreement that has not been corrected in ________days of a written claim for redress; and f. The client ensures a clean, healthy and safe working environment for the supplier`s staff, while providing the services provided for in this agreement. Uptrends assures the customer that software services work for a period of thirty (30) days after the first purchase of software services to the customer, essentially in accordance with the published documentation. Uptrends does not guarantee that software services meet all customer requirements or that the use of software services is uninterrupted, secure or error-free. To the extent most permitted by law, since uptrends and suppliers assume full responsibility and as the customer`s sole and exclusive remedy in the event of a breach of the above warranty, Uptrends will immediately repair software services according to its sole choice and cost. Each party ensures that (i) it has the power and entrepreneurship to conclude and implement this agreement; (ii) this agreement is not at odds with other agreements or agreements in which that party is a party or to which it is bound; and (iii) the person who signed this agreement on behalf of that party was duly authorized and authorized to enter into it. Both parties agree that the software to be used for the purposes of this agreement is authentic and registered software, not a pirate version of any kind. CONSIDERANT that the provider undertakes to write software for the customer and to provide other services described under and under the terms of this Agreement. 16) services: the services provided by the services provided under this agreement; The customer assures the supplier that the program will only be used for the purposes of this contract and will not be used for any purpose other than those mentioned in this contract. “service”: time recording, billing, accounting and project management services (including advance service and associated complementary services) that are related to access and use of software products; which are hosted by BQE Software and which the customer has subscribed as part of the corresponding order, are provided, including documentation, updates, updates, support and content (for example.

B information and audio and training documents) contained in software products or that are provided to the BQE Software customer as part of the provision of the Political Union policy and policy commission