This web development and hosting model has been updated with a number of new provisions. Existing provisions have been streamlined as much as possible to facilitate the use of the document. New provisions have been added, including provisions for personal data processing, general data protection, network and information system security, and acceptance testing. The “pro-developer” testing rules also differ, so the site is “accepted” for contract purposes if the customer uses it despite defects found or unduly delays the testing process. Payment fees and terms should be detailed in the schedules provided, covering both the design and development of the website and the subsequent orientation of the site. The main part of the agreement contains only the essential provisions. This general web development and hosting agreement was specifically written as a guide for website development and hosting of our smaller websites or “Entry Level”. Larger web development and hosting projects are launched by a written and signed agreement that becomes a document to control these projects. This agreement does not apply to these projects, but to all other web development and hosting projects initiated only by order. 2.1 Website Design – The customer`s website design is selected by the customer at the time of the exhibition and according to the customer`s order requirements (“additional specifications”). There must be no deviation from the standard website design chosen by the customer without such a specification being included in the customer`s order or otherwise provided for in Agrement. Since there will be no customer-specific code or hardware development without additional specifications, no delivery components will be linked to the site in the absence of additional specifications. If this contract is terminated for any reason, the developer has the right to pay the amount of all work performed up to the termination date.

Detail is very important in a treaty like this.