To qualify for a free apprenticeship under the age of 21, you must work in Queensland as an apprentice under a training contract in a high priority training and internship qualification on July 1, 2019 or after July 1, 2019 and be under 21 years of age. Training contractThe training contract is used to register the apprenticeship and the internship and legally binds the employer and the apprentice or the trainee (the “parties”), for the duration of the apprenticeship or internship (nominal duration). The training contract has a start date and the nominal duration set by the department for the chosen apprenticeship or internship position determines the end date. 209E balance of the duration of the registered training contract All information relating to the training contract must be correct and truthful. A training contract is not registered if it is known that it contains false or misleading information. A registered training contract containing false or misleading information is terminated. 27Procement of registration decision when all parties apply for a registered training contract and have proposed new information on the training contract, which must be signed by the employer and the apprentice or trainee at the beginning of an apprenticeship or internship. During the duration of the apprenticeship or internship, it may be necessary to change some details of the training contract. The responsibilities of the apprentice, the employer and the training organization vary depending on the type of change required: this form is used by the employer to apply to the department in order to temporarily suspend the training contract for no more than 30 days. This form is used for the department to extend the nominal duration (end date) of the training contract and thus extend the apprenticeship or internship. 112QThe Minister may refer delegates to the training – Apprentices and apprentices under the age of 18 and under the tutelage and control of a parent or legal guardian, who must give signed consent from their parents or legal guardians to the apprenticeship or internship, are not parties to the training contract. By signing the training contract, the employer and the apprentice or intern indicate that they understand and are related to the conditions and obligations of the apprenticeship or internship.

You must declare a training contract if you wish to train and employ an apprentice. The termination of the training contract (and therefore the apprenticeship or internship) may be necessary. However, termination should be used as a last resort if the reasons are due to problems such as communication problems or behavioural disorders. If the parties do not agree to terminate the training contract, a decision request must be made to the department. 30 Request for suspension of the training contract registered by the contracting parties, that I request to permanently transfer my training contract from my current employer to a new employer, and both employers agree that the transfer takes place. 23 Request to extend the nominal duration of the registered training contract NOTE: This form is NOT required if both parties have agreed to terminate the training contract and have revoked a registered training form.