5 GUIDE TO THE USE OF THE FLORIDA ADDENDUM TO THE RESALE AGREEMENT THE FLORIDA ADDENDUM SHOULD BE APPENDED TO THE RESALE AGREEMENT IN THE FOLLOWING SITUATIONS: 1. The time-sharing unit is in Florida or 2. The contract is signed by one of the parties of the State of Florida. Under a Florida statute adopted in 1995, Buyer may cancel the transaction at any time up to one year after the conclusion if a contract entered into in Florida or a right of part-time use in Florida does not contain the provisions of the FLORIDA Addendum. You must specify certain information to complete the FLORIDA ADDITION. This may require you to call the station to get some of the information. 1. In the first subparagraph, the amount of the last regular taxation and the date on which the payment is due each year should be inserted. 2. If you do not receive a separate property tax bill in addition to your annual maintenance account, select the check box in the second paragraph. If you receive a separate tax invoice, select the check box in the third paragraph and enter the amount of the last tax invoice for your unit. 3.

If you are not up to date with either your support or property taxes, you must activate the checkbox in the third paragraph and enter the long-awaited amount. If there is a daily charge for interest or late charges, enter this amount in the form of “daily allowances” in paragraph 3. His first letter to the one accompanying the contract should contain a sentence that reminds him to sign both the main contract and the FLORIDA ADDENDUM. Don`t forget to sign both parties yourself if you pick it up with the deposit check! If the latter wishes to exercise his right of withdrawal, he must do so in writing within ten days of signing the contract. If it cancels within 10 days, you are required to refund the deposit. 5 6 PROMOTION OF FLORIDA TO THE RESALE AGREEMENT The current year`s valuation for expenses common to the timesharing period you purchased is $. This assessment, which may be increased from time to time by the timesharing plan manager, is payable annually in full on or before. () This tax includes annual value taxes on immovable property. () This taxation does not cover annual value taxes, which are invoiced and collected separately. The last annual tax for value taxes for the timesharing period you buy is $….