After having already liked the four chords, I have a lot of fun hearing the fifth, so much so that I will read them again and I am convinced that everything I have learned will help me in my journey, I already feel happier 😁 thanks to the author! And I can only highly recommend this book! I did not go beyond the first two chapters of this book. It`s so repetitive that it drove me crazy. It seems that there is an idea in the book and it is repeated endlessly in different ways ad nauseum. The idea is not even original. Very disappointing, because I liked “the four chords” of the same author. It`s terribly boring. “I found the ideas in this book a repetition of the ideas in `The Fourth Agreement.` I really liked the fourth chord, but I was looking for something new in this book and so I was disappointed. “As one of my favorite books of all time, `The Four Agreements` said it all. There were good concepts that were discussed in this book, but they would have been better included in a separate book to the mastery of love, unlike this poorly executed attempt to write them down as the 5th chord. “5/5. Amazing. I must say that Don Miguel Ruiz is my favorite writer in spirituality/philosophy/self-development.

The four chords changed my life and it`s a great sequel. I love these teachings and the Totec philosophy. Great narrator, great listening. Of course, offer to start with the 4 chords before reading it. The story of you is all you know about yourself. And when I say that, I speak to you, to know what you believe, what you are, not to you, to the man, what you really are. As you can see, I make a difference between you and you, because one of you is real and one of you is not real. You, the physical man, are real; You are the truth. You, knowledge, are not real; They are virtual.

You only exist because of the agreements you have made with yourself and with the other people around you. You come, knowledge, of the words you hear in your head, of all the opinions of the people you love, the people you don`t like, the people you know, and especially the people you will never know. It is very good to read books from people who have the patience and discipline to write/share about the matters of the heart, soul and spirit of life in which you are simpatico. Although this is a sequel to The 4 Agreements, it is NOT necessary to read the previous title. Since all areas of these pages/chapters are covered. The advantages of the audiobook format are perfect for this kind of books/authors 1. You can bookmark certain sections that are important and reproduce them during times when you might need to hear them. 2. Miguel`s universal prayers are always good to have them from the barrel in difficult times. Peter Coyote`s voice is cordial. It is very important that the voice reflects the author and his point of view/perspective, especially in this genre. One of my writers fave-st! All of Don Miguel`s works are jewels and this is no different, an extension of the unforgettable The Four Agreements.

Don Miguel, now with his son Jose, continues his research on the four chords and adds a new dimension of wisdom with the 5th chord. Filled with pearls of wisdom, it is a simple and useful reading to practice in our daily lives. This is highly recommended. “Who is talking in your head? You think it`s you. But if you`re the one talking, who`s listening? You know, you`re the one talking in your head and telling you what you are. .