I am looking for a way to automate the allocation of tax code on purchases, I am aware of packaging techniques for POs, but I want to understand if it can also be applied to the other document in purchases, so that we can have a fully automated process on the allocation of tax code. SAP also allows you to set and use the price grid for the information set, SA or framework agreement/contract. However, the provision is not the same as for standard POs. What about your business scenario? and a problem? A framework agreement can be of the following two types: Supplier selection is an important process in the supply cycle. Creditors can be selected based on the bidding process. After pre-selecting a creditor, an organization enters into an agreement with the latter to provide certain items subject to certain conditions. When an agreement is reached, a formal contract is usually signed with the Kreditor. A framework agreement is therefore a long-term purchase agreement with a creditor. 4Logistic Path → production → DRP → environment → planning contract → modification The terms of a framework agreement are valid for up to a certain period of time and cover a certain pre-defined quantity or value. In PO, I can find the control code in the Bill tab at the item level.

Step 2 – Include the delivery plan number. Contract The contract is a draft contract and they do not contain delivery dates for the equipment. The contract consists of two types: you can enter the control code into SA, select the location and click on the detailed article where you can enter the control code. Can you help me understand how the standard OP layout is different from the fact sheets, SA and Outline agreements? as you mention. I just want to understand how sensational it is, that the command code is determined automatically (by conditioning techniques, hopefully) on these documents in order to avoid any human intervention. Can we have the “Taxes” tab as in PO (next to the tax in the invoice tab) in the delivery plan? Look at possible menu paths to access the same report without entering the transaction code. 1Logistics → Materials Management → purchase → framework agreement → appointment → change Here we would like to alert you to the ME32L transaction code in SAP. As we know, it is used in the SAP MM-PUR component (purchase in MM) which is part of the mm module (material management). ME32L is a reservation code used for the change planning agreement in SAP. In standard SAP, you can enter the control code at the item level in the delivery plan, as shown below: If you want to view the control details, go to the menu – Items – Other functions – Taxes Step 2 – Enter the name of the controller, type of contract, purchase organization, buying group and factory with the date of the contract.