Parties to an agreement under this chapter refer to the public body or officials or persons or persons who are responsible for the ownership of the agency or agency and require those officials, public servants or persons or persons to submit a formal loan to be determined by the contracting parties, up to an amount to be determined by the parties. As stated in this article, “public agency” but is not limited to, the federal government or any federal authority or agency, that state, another state or other public prosecutor`s office, county, county board of education, County Board of Education, County Superintendent of Schools, City, public community, public district, Regional Transportation Commission of that state or another state , an Indian strain recognized by the state, or any authority with common powers that is constituted in accordance with this article by one of these agencies. Notwithstanding the other provisions of this chapter, any agency of common authority that is required under this section and cannot notify them within 90 days of the entry into force of this section, may not issue debt securities thereafter and until the close of those notifications, shall not incur any debt , obligation or obligation of any kind, or exercise other powers. “compositional change” as used in this section, the addition of a public sector agency or person to an agency or entity created by a joint exercise agreement of powers in accordance with this chapter, the removal of a public body from such an agency or entity with common powers, or the addition or removal of the governing body of such a common authority , or the position of public official of a member authority or other public body or other person. 2. A common authority agency created in accordance with this sub-division exclusively uses all the revenues generated by the insurance provided to its members under this section for its necessary operating costs and provides its members with technical assistance, continuing training, safety techniques, operational advice and management-oriented advice to reduce risk liabilities and improve the technical management and financing capacity of these Members. The agreement provides for the scheduling, distribution or distribution of assets acquired as a result of the joint exercise of powers. b) The power-sharing authority established under Subdivision (a) may only perform the following duties: this section does not authorize a public servant, board of directors, commission, division or other state agency or other state agency to enter into an agreement without the consent of the Senior Department of General Services or the Director General of General Services , if such authorization is required by law. (a) 1. Prior to filing a termination under sections 20570 or 20571 or a decision by the governing body of an agency that does not contract with the California Public Employees` Retirement System, in order to reconcile the agency`s activities, the member agencies of an agency created under this chapter under this chapter, or contracts with a public pension plan , the distribution of the Agency`s pension obligations between them if the contract excludes 100% of the Agency`s pension obligation. A copy of this reciprocal agreement, signed by all parties, is presented to the Board of Directors and is reflected in the agreement reached with the Board of Directors. If the member agencies cannot agree with each other, the Board of Directors allocates the Agency`s responsibility on the basis of the service share received from the Agency or the population of each member agency, so that the allocation is equal to 100% of the Agency`s pension responsibility, which is reflected in the agreement reached with the Board of Directors.