The forms of sale and sale of the second model are prescribed according to schedule I and schedule J of the Control and Licensing Regulations 1989. Except for the payment method, all the conditions in Calendar I are similar to the G schedule, and the J schedule are similar to the H. 24-month schedule from the date of the sale and the sales contract – Calendar G In addition, to ensure that the terms of the purchase and sale contract do not unfairly favor the developer. , all residential developers are required to take the form of the purchase and sale agreement, as stipulated by the HDA. When the developer creates and completes the property with a certificate of compliance and certification before it is put up for sale. In this model, the buyer is not required to make a payment before the property is completed; Therefore, this does not go within the scope of the EEA. The terms of sale and purchase are governed by the contractual documents seized between the buyer and the promoter. The construction specifications and materials used to build the property are also defined in the sales contract. The essential conditions of the sale and sale contract are: on the other hand, the sale and purchase of commercial real estate under construction is not subject to the HDA and is subject to the contractual documents seized between the buyer and the developer.

All developers must obtain their building permits and advertising and sales permits before they can offer and sell real estate. In addition, all advertisements displayed are required to indicate the essential information agreed on the residential construction project as follows: The corresponding approved plans of the property, z.B. Floor plan, floor plan, town planning plan, etc., must be associated with the sales and sale contract. The purchase and sale contract (SPA) is an agreement for real estate transactions, which means that the seller accepts the sale and the buyer purchases on the basis of the terms set out in the agreement. In principle, no promoter is allowed to change the terms and conditions in the prescribed sales and sale contract, unless such a waiver is previously authorized by the housing controller. The sale and purchase of real estate under construction is governed by the Housing Control and Licensing Act 1966 (HDA) when it is a dwelling or dwelling.