(3) An interim agreement in the proforma established by the government must be attached to the offer for works with an estimated cost of more than 50,000 rupees. (15) The person whose offer is accepted deposits 5% of the contract amount in the form of a surety (including money) and signs the contractual loan. 4. The Executive Committee of Samithi enters into an agreement with the Panchayat in accordance with the government`s decision to respect and complete the work carried out by the recipient committee. A loan signed by the members of the Committee is granted to the Panchayat by giving the organizer a mandate to conclude such an agreement, by distributing the right to conclude the work at their risk if the execution and completion of the work is not satisfactory, directly by the Panchayat or by the assignor and by the agreement to realize in solidarity the losses suffered by the Panchayat by the members of the recipient committee. , including the agent. If the Panchayat also receives prior sanction from the technical committee in accordance with Rule I of Rule 5, when the surplus above 5% is higher than the estimate. 2. If the phrase “is not acceptable” at the auction, the panchayat negotiates by consensus with the contractor who presented the offender at the lowest rate and, subject to the “sub rule provisions (14) of Rule 10, such an offer is accepted. v) Start date of work with dementia completion of work (4) All documents, such as approved tenders, estimate;, price set by the Panchayat, quality, invoices for the purchase of equipment and goods, etc. of a public work, are a public protocol and the Panchayat is required to issue a copy of these documents for the realization of fixed costs. 13.

The recipient committee carried out the work. – (1) In the case of work carried out by a committee of beneficiaries, the procedures under Articles 8, 9 and 10 are not followed, but the procedures set out in the sub-provisions (2) to 6) of this rule are followed(3) Subject to the sub-rule (1) of Rule 6, the Panchayat decides how each public work is performed(3) Subject to the sub rule (1) of Rule 6, the Panchayat decides how each public work is performed , as stated directly by the Panchayat or through the recipient committee, and which is clear during the administrative sanction. l) Responsibility for paying taxes, subscribing to the construction workers` welfare fund, etc., rests with the contractor. 2. The detailed plan and estimate are drawn up by the panchayat engineer or under control; (ii) whether the work is carried out by contract or by Panchayat directly or by the recipient committee; For each public work, the public works manual and the level campaign book are used, if necessary.