If a website has any questions or concerns about an affiliation agreement that our office has filed, wishes to renegotiate or wishes to obtain a copy of the agreement, the boarding school/Practicum office should be contacted. Sample Affiliation Agreement (this model agreement is not accepted if used as a model) It is common business practice to obtain confidentiality agreements (also known as “confidentiality”) when confidential information is shared with third parties through Liberty University or vice versa. If you intend to share confidential information from Liberty University or if a third party requests a confidentiality agreement, please contact contract management to obtain the latest version. Liberty University staff should prevent third parties from requesting changes to Liberty University`s standard non-disclosure agreements. However, questions about the changes can be asked about contract management in contracts@liberty.edu. Please contact contracts@liberty.edu to request training for BuyLU contracts. The reasons for this are complex, but the university must ensure that the new contracts do not violate the terms of existing contracts, which comply with federal, regional and local laws, and comply with accreditation and accreditation rules and regulations, as well as effective support for Liberty University`s mission. The Practicum/Internship Office cannot accept dual affiliation agreements, so students should first verify that their site has a previously executed agreement with Liberty University by requesting their website and checking the status lists listed below. For multi-site sites, Liberty only needs an agreement with the site. If a website requires the use of its own affiliate agreement or requests changes to the standard freedom agreement, email your Practiceum- Internship Office to ask the practiceum internship and internship coordinator on your website.

You must provide contact information (email address and phone number) for the on-site contact, as well as a brief description of the request. In submitting my application, I agree that I have read and understood this agreement carefully and I agree with all the conditions, submissions and statements mentioned above. The main functions of this program are computer proficiency and use of word processing, spreadshee, database, Internet search, media presentations and e-mail communications, as well as technological requirements for www.liberty.edu/techrequirements. If I can`t perform these essential functions, Liberty University recommends enrolling in its computer science courses in order to acquire these skills. Liberty University`s helpdesk is able to help you ensure that your computer meets the required hardware requirements. To facilitate the transfer process, VCCS and Liberty offer the following guaranteed authorization agreement. For suitable accommodation, to meet these essential functions and skills or other course requirements, please contact Liberty University`s Office of Disability Accommodation Support (ODAS) at (434) 592-5417 or email luoodas@liberty.edu. If you are a student-in-residence, you can contact Liberty`s Director of Disability Accommodation Support by phone at (434) 582-2159 or by email at odas@liberty.edu.