Local rate – Make a local rate within the country where you are roaming. This was explained in the government`s recent technical communication to prepare for the end of the transition period for Brexit. The statement said Gibtelecom had already confirmed that it had no plans to change its mobile roaming policies and added that it would provide customers with a leading warning should this position change in the future. Roaming allows you to use your mobile phone while you are connected to the networks of other operators abroad if you have roaming agreements with them. Please note that roaming charges are charged, so if you are in Gibraltar, we advise you to switch to manual network selection to avoid accidental roaming. – Roaming data outside the EEA has also been opened with a standard limit to avoid “billing shock” when a customer has questions or needs roaming assistance from a special freephone roaming hotline at `350 20052201`. For more information, you can visit www.gibtele.com tourists may not need an additional SIM card for this small area, as Spanish antennas cover a large part of these and EEA SIM cards (including Spanish cards) walk around Gibraltar at no extra cost. But in some decsed areas of the urban area and at the southern tip of the 3G/4G rock cover is not reached from Spain. Roaming with a Spanish SIM card is not too high, but it offers either reduced bandwidth or an hour or more to connect. So if you stay longer, maybe consider buying a local SIM card. It also announced that, according to customer feedback, it will default roaming data outside the EEA to its non-mobile customers, allowing flexibility to use mobile data wherever they wish from June 2017. This facility was removed in October 2015 as a safeguard clause, as customers were concerned about the high roaming charges charged by some overseas operators for data.

Gibtelecom`s Marketing and Business Development Director, Adrian Ochello, explained how “the company believes there are now enough measures to help customers stay in control of their roaming expenses and, as such, has decided to take them back and keep them open by default. In addition to providing detailed information on roaming rates on our website and by SMS on arrival at a roaming destination, we are constantly negotiating with remote operators to obtain low roaming rates. This is the case for popular destinations such as the United States, Morocco, Israel and Switzerland, which were traditionally expensive but can now benefit from more attractive roaming rates. Customers can also set their own roaming limits for financial data to limit expenses to the level of their choice by reaching out to our customer service team.┬áThe standard data limit as of June 1, 2017 is the equivalent pound sterling of 50 euros, or 42 USD at current exchange rates.