Electricity Supply Act 1995 (NSW) ISSC 20 Guidelines for Managing Activities Inside Electrical Facilities and near the Crown Land Easements Information Sheet CEOF6010 – Challengeable Work: Design Information Application CEOF6274A – Requirements for Connecting Power Before Ce Registration FacilityOF6274B – Easement Customer Creation Deed CEOF6274C – Creation of Easement Landownerment Deed CEOF6274D – Creation of Easement Customer Deed (Combined) CEOF6274E – Creation of Easement Customer Deed (5.1.2) CEOF6496 – Creation of Easements : For services CEOF9090 – Advice solicitors, ceof9091 of the facility has been prepared – Advice on the adequacy of the ease documentation CEOF9097A – Facilitation conditions for airlines CEOF9097B – Facilities conditions for underground power lines CEOF9 19995 (NSW) provides electricity distributors such as Essential Energy to maintain and operate its infrastructure. The law also gives distributors the power to require that all structures that create a safety problem in and around power lines be removed. To avoid delays, please provide the project number that is subject to compensatory measures. Check out our documentation process to facilitate documentation for more information on Essential Energy`s documentation requirements and associated processes. As part of the design information process, electricity facilitation requirements are defined for developments and new electrical infrastructure. Read our guidelines for facilitation requirements. Activities may continue to be permitted in the facilitation area, provided they do not interfere with the maintenance, replacement, repair or safe operation of the electrical infrastructure. You can contact your carrier or your lawyer or NSW Land Registry for details on the facilities on your land. The facilities ensure the safety of residents who live, work and play near power lines.