8.2. During the manufacture and before shipping the ordered goods, the Buyer has the right to verify the materials, manufacturing processes and other operations that contribute to the performance of the service. If the review is not authorized without intentional reason, the customer has the right to terminate the contract without the supplier having the right to demand the replacement or payment of the goods delivered up to that date. The same applies when an audit reveals defects or derogations from contractual agreements. Instead of resigning, the buyer also has the right to demand an immediate benefit. In addition, the buyer may, at any time, require a declaration regarding the goods ordered by the buyer, including the state of production. If the supplier does not use its rights in this section, such a failure cannot be invoked against us. Delivery contract – the agreement between the buyer and the supplier, which is made from the following documents, in order of priority: the order, the delivery contract with its annexes and these general terms of purchase. CONSIDERING that the purpose of these terms and conditions of purchase, as they may be modified and/or completed from time to time, is to define the conditions under which the buyer (contractor) purchases goods and/or services from the supplier (contractor) in the context of supply and/or service contracts, and that the supplier (contractor) is required to deliver supplies and/or services, deliver those supplies to the buyer (customer) and comply with the delivery agreement. Documentation – all sketches, plans, models, drawings, printed materials, samples, specifications, descriptions, reports, working papers, notes, manuals, data (including electronic media data) and, more generally, technical documentation relating to goods and/or services. 8.5. The supplier takes all measures agreed upon by the parties at the end of the review within the agreed time and conditions.

In particular, the supplier undertakes to make all necessary quality improvements to the product in order to meet the quality standards set out in the agreement if the audit finds that these quality standards are not being met. 4.14. To the extent that vehicle safety authorities, exhaust regulations or similar matters must check production processes or our test documents to verify compliance with certain requirements, the supplier agrees, at the buyer`s request, to grant these authorities the same rights on their sites and to provide all appropriate assistance to the relevant authorities. 4.10. On delivery, the supplier must comply with a quality assurance contract with the buyer. The supplier is invited to assist the buyer in complying with the continental company`s safety, safety, safety and health policy. Goods – goods whose main characteristics are indicated in the delivery contract or annexes that are provided by the supplier to the buyer and the final quantities indicated in the order. 29. Approvals, licenses, licenses, quality service contracts – the agreement between the customer and the contractor, which is made from the following documents, in order of priority: the contract, the service agreement with its annexes and these general terms of purchase.

The provision of services within the meaning of these terms and conditions of purchase extend the measure as an employment contract.